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21 June 2007 @ 11:40 pm
If you really want to understand Retarded Math in it's full entirety, read some of this information first!

Here's the Retarded Math class in it's full glory!

Senora Matematicas

...or Elizabeth Matematicas is the teacher of the Retarded Math class.  Senora is a push-over and far too nice for her own good. She usually can never take authority over her class and puts on a cover of being exceptionally nice when, in fact, she secretly hates her life.  She has no friends except for her cat that lives in her run-down house somewhere in Bensalem.
In her early childhood, Senora's mother died.  Senora spent the rest the rest of her life with her hateful father and over-achieving younger sister.  One of the only things Senora has in her life that makes her happy is her "retarded" math class. She loves her students more than life it's self.


's a natural born leader and is normally the mastermind behind any plans. He is best friends with Anthony and is an exceptional student.  He participates on the school swim team and is one of the best students in the Retarded Math class.


Anthony's a very nice and friendly sort of character.  He's best friends with Doug and spends most of his free time drawing. If any reasonable outsider observed the Retarded Math class, it would seem that Anthony and Doug were the only sensible people of the group.


Rhoda is sassy and foul-mouthed.  She has something to say to everyone and everything, and is always under the impression everyone's being racist.  Rhoda is short tempered and seems to fear absolutely nothing.


Her appearance may fool you, but Vaishali is actually a teenager like her fellow classmates.  She's immature and naive and rarely has a clue what's happening around her. Her screechy voice and and short-stature only add more to the dislike she has earned from her classmates. Vaishali is often considered "just a pest".


Sam is an absolute athlete.  Most of what she does includes working out and playing her any sort of sport.  Sam is often seen chewing gum and listening in on the conversations of others.


Nate is a "bad ass" bully and is usually the cause of trouble in the class.  He shows no respect towards Senora and likes to believe he is in charge of the class (when in fact only Steph seems to listen to him). Nate enjoys drinking and taking part in illegal drug use which ties in with his "bad ass" reputation.


Steph tends to be a follower.  She sticks with the cool kids and for her, this defines Nate in the Retarded Math class.  She succumbs to peer pressure easily and she's often seen with or associated with drugs by her fellow classmates.  Under her shallow front, however, lies a passionate, caring side that she rarely shows.


Last, but not least, is Tiff.  She's racist, lazy, and pretty much a bad person.  Just on her second day of class, she managed to provoke Rhoda enough to start a fight.  Tiff is most often found eating and just sitting around.

Also, expect appearances of many "famous" (lightly used, trust me) people.