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retardedmath's Journal

Shake, shake, shake, Senora!
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This is a comic series created by two boys: Anthony Lombardo and Doug Gorti. Doug supplies the script while Anthony illustrates.

It's quite simply called "Retarded Math" and tells the adventures of a class of high school students forced into a math tutoring class at Bensalem High School. The students quickly realize that their eccentric teacher, Senora Matematicas (Quick fact! Senora Matematicas means Miss Math in Spanish!), isn't exactly mentally stable.

This series is full of pop-culture references, gore, and laughs. It is actually based off a real "math tutoring" class that Anthony and Doug were both in during their 9th grade year of high school. They're currently in 11th grade. Many have supported them to keep the comic going, right from the actual "Senora" to fellow classmates. If you love this comic as much as other people do, PLEASE leave comments, helpful criticisms, praise...anything!

Learn more about the characters in Retarded Math here! It'll do you good!